A community where all students thrive

My vision is to work as a community to ensure the best outcomes for ALL students in our community and across Ottawa. Here are some upcoming priorities and commitments:

  • Empower student voice 
  • Improve education outcomes for all students (e.g. English with French Core programs, fair and equitable school funding)
  • Address the impacts that COVID has had on students and educators (e.g. Mental health support)
  • Keep school safe (e.g. COVID mitigating measures, better air filtration, violence and bullying in schools)
  • Work to ensure that there is room in our schools for our families to grow (e.g. not closing school in our community during accommodation reviews)
  • Develop a long term plan for 440 Albert that improves our community
  • Push forward meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous students and families
  • Improve special education supports and adhere to accessibility requirements
  • Uphold the the removal of the special resource officer program 
  • Collaborate with community organizations to support marginalized students and families
  • Make linkages between spending and results 
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Better support and fund the Indigenous, human rights, and equity roadmap  
    published Vision 2022-07-03 22:38:37 -0400